Lauren Coburn Interiors -

We had a photo shoot earlier this year with Lauren Coburn.  Lauren and Senior Designer Susie Chavez met us on-site to walk us through the incredible transformation of this project.  This is an early century estate, that is just filled with craftsmanship.  Staying true to the character of the home Lauren, and her team updated the house by removing walls, opening up spaces, modernizing all of the living areas and making the home more beautiful, comfortable and opulent then one could possibly imagine.

When we arrived on the first day of shooting, Lauren and her team were fully prepared, having everything perfectly set and staged for the photo shoot.  As someone who shoots nearly every day, I really appreciate all the hard work and preparation that they put forth to make the shoot run smoothly and allowing us to capture as many images as possible.  Just look at the attention to detail in the images.  This is what true high-end interior design is all about. Artistry in the home.

You've read about Lauren and her team here before, and below is why her firm is considered on of the most exclusive and sought after Interior Design firms in the Chicagoland area.  Enjoy.

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