Random 005, 006 & 007 : Expressive Interiors by Marietta Calas

Below are some images from a recent photo shoot along with a quick iPhone shot of interior designer Marietta Calas.  I was setting up a tight shot and went to move something out of the frame.  When I turned around she was on the floor looking at the composition.  We worked hard, had a blast and the results were amazing.


Creative Spotlight: Stephanie Nickolson Design

Stephanie Nickolson is one of my favorite interior designers.  We met last year when I had the opportunity to photograph a very diverse portfolio of her work.

Many think of interior designers when building a custom home.  Stephanie’s talents however can be seen in a variety of settings from residential homes, commercial office spaces to college sorority houses.  She is also well versed in working with the hospitality industry, having completed several hotel projects.

Her work was recently featured in KBB online magazine and she has been awarded best in Houzz from 2015-2020 for excellence in service.  If one were looking for a full service interior designer, calling Stephanie would be an excellent choice. 

Below are some of my favorite shots from a recent residential project.