Creative Spotlight: Kings Landscaping

With the first snow fall of the year, I thought I would reflect on warmer days.  We had the opportunity to work with Mark & Noel King, this past summer.  We love shooting for them.  Their team is amazing to work with and we always have a blast.

What you can expect on a Kings Project, is almost likened to landscape art.  The projects are always of the highest quality, the fit and finish are near perfect and every time I'm on sight I think, 'how could it be any better than this?'


The designs are practical, functional and beautiful.  Below are just a couple of highlights from one of our favorite shoots this year.  

Creative Spotlight: Expressive Interiors - out door living!

Creating beautiful interior living spaces is what Expressive Interiors is known for.  However, Marietta Calas doesn’t stop her design work there.  She completes it by making your outdoor experience something to really look forward to.  Comfortable, elegant, luxurious! 

Not just Expressive Interiors, it's Expressive Exteriors too.  Just a few highlights below from a late summer photo shoot. 

Random 010: Expressive Interiors

When is a powder room, not just a powder room?  When it’s been designed by Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors.  

Creative Spotlight: Michael Hershenson Architects –

We had the opportunity to revisit some work that we had done a few years back.  This particular project, was created by Michael Hershenson.  This work has been featured in our marketing materials and website for years and is a consistent favorite in our portfolio. 

Michael and his team are wonderful to work with.  Google them and take a look at their vast body of work.  They can handle anything, from creating your new estate to renovating your existing space whatever it may be.  


Below are just a few highlights from the shoot.