Creative Spotlight: KEY INTERIORS, INC. Debby Hill, Director of Design

 I absolutely love my job!  One specific thing that makes it so enjoyable is working with others in creative fields who are truly skilled in their craft.

During the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with one of my favorite interior designers, Debby Hill.  She is Director of Design at Key Interiors, Chicago-lands premier commercial interior design firm.

Debby is one of those rare professionals who successfully incorporate form, function and aesthetic into all of her projects.  She, along with her team, creates beautiful spaces that inspire, yet are comfortable and practical for the everyday work experience.   Working in such an artistic and pleasant atmosphere can really take the edge off of the long hours frequented by the office professional.   Additionally, her spaces are inviting place for office clientele to visit during the course of business.   One would be hard pressed to find a better design team.

Team is the operative word when describing Key Interiors. Their entire staff works together seamlessly and the results are always fantastic.  Our next Creative Spotlight will feature Dana Tatge, Senior Designer at Key Interiors.

Below are a few of my favorite images from one of Debby’s many projects.