Moving Forward

Recently I was meeting with a client and we were discussing a few images that I had photographed. As we talked, I asked about her marketing, as these images were going to be used on her website. “Marketing, I really don’t do any marketing. All of my business is from referral”. I smiled and asked how things were going. "Slow right now.. truthfully, it’s a little scary" she said. I mentioned a few avenues of marketing but she seemed content to continue doing what she has always been doing. It was then that my mind went back to a conversation I’d had a couple of years ago......

I was helping a colleague move. His current location housed an elaborate studio as well as a complete, state-of-the-art film processing lab. His new facility was not going to contain a traditional photo lab. "Aren’t you going to process film again?" I asked, as this was this his forte’. "No", he said.  "Not me, I’m not living in the past.. the scene has changed and I am moving forward."

I can’t tell you what a profound effect that his statement had on me. As we talked later he told me how business was down because more and more professionals were turning to digital and he realized that the need for his expert service in film processing was becoming limited. He said, "I am embracing the digital technology and am diving into it by offering fully digital lab services… and as much as it hurts, I have to re-invent myself."  And so he did. Very successfully I might add.

And that is the point. So many of us are living in the past, and don’t even realize it. What once worked for us may have little effect today, because things have changed, markets have changed, demands have changed, and so on. In order for us to be successful, we need to adapt to the new landscapes that surround our field of expertise and embrace them to ‘re-invent ourselves’.

That might mean changing the way we contact new clients, using the internet marketing techniques instead of, or in addition to mailings. Updating our websites to show new projects or ideas that might inspire a potential client to give us a call, and to show that we are moving forward. Keeping energy levels high and attitudes positive. Networking with peers, submitting samples of our work to editors, finding new places to show images of our projects etc. Setting goals and staying BUSY to accomplish them will help us look forward being at work, it will remind of us the passion that we have for our creative field and reinvigorate our minds as we move forward!