Creative Spotlight: KEY INTERIORS, INC - Dana Tatge - Senior Designer

Back in June, we got a look of some of the awesome projects headed up by Key Interiors’ Director of Design, Debby Hill.  Key Interiors has managed to assemble a very talented team and today we are going to highlight Dana Tatge, Senior Designer.

I have had the opportunity to work with Dana on a few projects and, as you will see from the images below, her work is stellar! 

In commercial settings, specifically involving healthcare, one can quickly understand how a warm, soothing environment would be practical and comforting to those receiving treatment.  Here is where Dana’s talents really stand out.  Her designs offer relaxing, calming spaces that make a trip to the healthcare office a little less stressful and a lot more inviting. 

Dana of course works closely with the entire Key Interiors design team, and the results - like all of their projects - demonstrate why they are among the top commercial interior design firms here in the Chicago area.

Here a some of my favorite photographs that highlight Dana’s amazing work.