Creative Spotlight : Marsha Jones Interior Design

Back in late 2017 I received a call from Marsha Jones office.  They were looking to have a few projects photographed.  I of course had heard about Marsha over the years and had always wanted an opportunity to photograph some of her work.

Marsha is soft-spoken, witty, funny and a joy to work with.  We met at one of her projects on a late summer afternoon. The home was beautiful and every space had a comfortable elegance about it.   It’s was one of those projects that you go too and realize that you could just move right in and not change a thing.   Such seems to be the case with most all of Marsha’s work. 

Marsha walked me through the house and said to shoot whatever I want.   There was no staging needed anywhere.  Soft inviting colors, warm spacious rooms and cozy elegant niches.  Outstanding in every way!

If you’re looking for elegant comfort in your home design, Marsha should definitely be on your short list.