Shot on Film: Teamwork!

Taking a little time to archive some film.  I love doing this.  Pulling out archival film sleeves of outtake images and scanning them.  Stuff you’ve never really looked at because they were not shot as product for a project.

It’s fun, gives a quick flashback in time and always makes me smile.  


The images here made me think of the importance of assembling a good team to work with.  Something that we still do with every project we photograph or video.


When someone looks at a photo of a model, they really have no idea of the time, work and team effort that goes into producing a beautiful shot.


These outtakes, shot handheld without flash, were something that we regularly did between shooting sessions just to document the day.  They really weren’t intended to be seen by anyone other than our staff.


Back in the days of shooting film, post-production was critical.  Remember, print work was done in a chemical darkroom, not a digital one. Image adjustments were made by a skilled lab technician that could consistently give you perfect results.  For this we relied on ‘Film Guru’ Bruce Starrenburg, owner of LightBox Inc.  

Ann, one of our makeup artists touches up the pant leg of model Jill Fernandez, while photographer/business partner Mary looks on, camera in hand.  

Here Ann, preps the hair of model Jill.

The talent of a good makeup artist can never be underestimated.  Beautiful!

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