What Was Old is New Again

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of truth in the expression “what was old is new again”. For example, in the photography world many are experiencing the thrill of working with film, either for the first time or revisiting it like an old friend. Yes, film is still around, and gaining more and more popularity. Amazing. It’s similar to the resurgence we have seen in recent years regarding the return of vinyl records and the decline of the compact disc. Makes me smile. (I never got rid of my vinyl…)

So too, many of our clients are now discovering (or being reminded of) the impact of using a printed portfolio in addition to a digital one. There is something truly special that happens when you open a portfolio box and hand a prospective client a hand-mounted, archival-quality print of your work. The impact of a tangible photograph is certainly more exciting than swiping the screen on a digital device, and the “wow factor” that is achieved is a huge benefit!

There is also the advantage of being able to show more than one image at a time, laying them out in a stunning array and displaying a genuine storyboard of what you’re presenting to your client. While there is certainly still a place for digital concepts, photographs add another level of panache that is hard to rival.

I think these are some of the reasons that we have been seeing more orders for printed portfolios and wall art than we have in over a decade. As a result of this renewed interest in printed media, we are doing something special and bringing back our all inclusive photography package for a limited time. It includes location photography, 15 hand-mounted prints and an 18x24 framed wall art. Contact me for details.