Shot on Film: Incognito

One cold winter day in December 2001 when studio work was all finished, I grabbed my favorite Minolta XE-7, loaded up my Bronco with Samson (our studio dog) and drove off to a remote park for a walk. 

Here among the bare wet trees was a turn-of-the-century streetlight.  I would have completely missed it, if it weren’t for Samson walking over to take a look.

We were well off the beaten path and it was obvious that this lamp hadn’t been used in decades.  Further investigation revealed no purpose for it being there.

Upon returning to the main area of the park, I located an old map from the information center.  The lamp is apparently a lone survivor in what used to be a series lighting a paved path for moonlit walks through the park to a lodge and cabins that were torn down in the late twenties.  Long out of use with no other recognizable markers of its existence. 

I liked the fact that this old artifact of a time long forgotten stands alone in silence and well disguised among the trees, incognito.

Shot on Tri-X 100 using a Minolta XE-7 and a Rokkor 1.8 35mm lens.  Film was scanned full frame using a Minolta DiMage 5400 Elite film scanner without retouch or adjustment.