Beautiful Lower Level:

We captured this beautiful lower level designed by Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors.  Featuring a large open kitchen, seating and gathering areas, and a beautiful sculpted wave from wall, this space seamlessly transitions to a multi-tier outdoor setting with a fire place, waterfall and pool.  The custom furnishings, carpers and cabinets create the ideal retreat for year-round entertaining.

Smart, Elegant Home Office:

This office is just a small part of a wonderful photoshoot we had with Lauren Coburn.  The home is so amazing, that we are going to show it room by room.   

Exquistite Dining Room by Lauren Coburn:

The dining room in the home designed by luxury interior designer Lauren Coburn exudes elegance and sophistication. During a recent photoshoot with Lauren and her Senior Designer Suzie Chavez, we were led through each carefully curated space, with the dining room standing out as a crowning jewel. The room was adorned with exquisite furnishings, plush textiles, and striking accents that perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic of the home. Working alongside Lauren and her team is always a pleasure, as their attention to detail and passion for creating stunning spaces shines through in every project. Stay tuned for more captivating glimpses into this truly exceptional home.

Simple, Elegant Lower Level Bar:

Just a quick post of one of my favorite lower level bar shots.  This one was designed by Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors.  For those curious, this was shot using a Sony A850 with a Minolta 20mm lens.


Spectacular Dining Room Element Shot:

I was on a shoot with Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors.  I remember we had the shoot scheduled to photograph the great room and family room.  Marietta wanted a couple of interior dusk shots and while she was staging the great room, I turned around and noticed this composition in the dining room.  I only had a minute or two to compose and shoot, as the light was changing and the great room was the assignment.  I will show those photographs in another post.  For now, here is the quick dining room shot.  Wow!, is the expression most heard when you're working with Marietta, and even in this dining room 'element' shot, you can easily see why.

Velvet Taco - Houston:

 We photographed this Velvet Taco in Houston for TJ Patel of Level Construction.  It was one of several projects that we were assigned on this trip.  TJ wanted a dramatic night shot, but this particular location is open well past midnight.  We decided it was best to do the shoot just before dawn, so that we could showcase the space and with all the interior and exterior lights illuminated.


Here are a few favorites from the shoot. 

Shot on Film: The ‘Story Book’ House -

Capturing the essence of craftsmanship and architectural beauty, I photographed the 'Story Book' House built by Master Carpenter Micheal Conneely in 2008. Using a Hasselblad 501C with a 50mm f/4 Carl Zeiss lens on Fuji Astia CF100 color reversal film. This shoot is also special because I am certain this was our last regualr commercial film shoot.


I vividly recall the day spent with Micheal, waiting for the perfect light as he shared his passion for home building honed through years in the trades. Micheal's reputation precedes him in the Chicagoland area, known for crafting some of the most exquisite homes with precision and care.


This particular house holds a special place in our hearts, often dubbed the 'Story Book' house in our office. Its charm and allure never fail to captivate, drawing admiration and praise for its timeless beauty. Each image from this shoot evokes a sense of wonder, reminiscent of owning a dream home.