Mid Century Remodel - Dining Room :

Continuing on from a recent photo shoot for Jerry Dardick of JMD Builders of a mid-century remodel.  Here are a couple of views of the outstanding dining room.  JMD was the perfect choice to maintain that olde-world construction craftsman ship.  Timeless interior design by Tom Stringer really made this project special.  More to come soon.

Mid Century Remodel - Foyer & Powder Room :

Recent photo shoot for Jerry Dardick of JMD Builders of a mid-century remodel.  Sensational craftsmanship and eloquent interior design by Tom Stringer.  Some views of the marvelous foyer and powder room.  Stay tuned for more images of this amazing home.


Hampton Inn Houston - Wall Finishes:

Hampton Inn – Wall finishes, Last for photos today of this Hampton Inn, Houston by TJ Patel of Level Construction Houston.  We noticed while shooting that the wall finishes were a step up from what we usually see in a hotel.  Even the hallways for the elevator and restrooms and lounge area were finely appointed.  I loved the vibrant color in the hotel gym.

Hampton Inn Houston - Interior:

Hampton Inn Houston – I wanted to share some interior highlight of this Houston Hotel by Level Construction.  I love how the interior views just pop with color.  For those curious, we hand process every image we shoot, film or digital.  A few favorites below.

Hampton Inn Houston :

We photographed this six story Hampton Inn for TJ Patel of Level Construction Houston.  We seem to have a large portfolio of hotels and nearly all of them were built by Level.  TJ’s often calls his staff a ‘dream team’.  I can attest to how accommodating they are to work with always maintaining a very high level of professionalism.  We’re going to share several highlights today from this spectacular project.  



Artistic Chicago Condo:

The kitchen from this high-end Chicago condo by Jerry Dardick of JMD Builders, is often featured in our promotional materials.  But today, I want to share a few images from the rest of the space.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be surrounded by fine art, then this will give you a good idea.  Like everything by JMD, it’s perfect.

Unique Office Space :

We photographed this project for FBG Corporation a few years back – one of the most interesting spaces we’ve seen.  These were the executive offices of a commercial bank in Chicago.  Here are a few favorites.