Creative Spotlight: Centaur Construction

I had the opportunity to photograph a spectacular beach house on the south side of Chicago, built by Centaur Construction. The day of the shoot, I met Centaur CEO Spiro Tsaparas, and marketing manager Christina Pascente at the location.  They took me around and pointed out to me the incredible attention to detail that was carried out during the construction process.  As I stood on the main floor looking at the Venetian plaster on the ceiling, Mr. Tsaparas explained that it was the objective to bring the 'feel' of the beach into the home.  Looking at the spectacular view, I was greatly impressed with how successful this execution was. 

Another photography firm had previously shot this project.  Though the images generally looked good, it was this high detail, such as that of the Venetian plaster ceiling that Mr. Tsaparas wanted accentuated.  It was his desire for those looking at the images to get the feel of what was accomplished. 

It was a challenge for us in many ways; first knowing that our images had to exceed what had already been photographed.  Secondly, we were shooting on one dreary January day, whereas the previous photographer shot during an optimal time of year and over the course of several days.

Christina stayed for the entire shoot, and assisted by walking through and staging each room to be photographed.  Working quickly, we were able to photograph the entire home during the daylight hours and also had time for a few dramatic dusk shots.

I was very happy with the results of the images.  I felt we accomplished exactly what our client was looking for.  Each image encompasses a solid composition, excellent lighting, detail and sharpness.  Given the circumstances I could not have wished for better results.

Centaur is among those rare companies that have a highly skilled staff of professionals. As a bonus to their clients, they also staff an in-house design team, Centaur Interiors, headed up by noted interior designer Michael Miller.  This provides their client the ability to take an idea from concept to completion and fully realize the potential of the architect, builder and designer. 

Here are a few highlights from that day.