Clean Shots:

I will often hear from other photographers and clients that our work is clean and sharp.  Makes me smile.   

It’s from high quality hand processing and using very good lenses.   A good photographer will know instinctively which lens to use for any given project.  We have an extensive arsenal of lenses to choose from, one of which dates back to the mid 40’s and is my favorite portrait lens when shooting 35mm film.  


We have specific lenses for architectural interiors, exteriors, product, art, landscapes, portrait, film and digital.  Using the correct lens is imperative to yield optimal results.  I can always tell when an architectural shot was done with a portrait lens, or when an architectural lens was used for a portrait.  Each lens has it’s own specific characteristics and it’s so important to use the proper one.  Take a minute and visit our website galleries, and be assured the correct lens was used every time regardless of subject or format shot.


Below are a few shots from a Benvenuti & Stein photo shoot a couple of years back.