Shooting Midici

I was combing through some commercial projects that we’ve shot and came across these.  This is Midici.  The project was built by Level Construction Chicago back in 2018.  We had a chance to shoot it just before they opened.  We chose the evening to highlight the ambience of the space and surrounding area.  We really enjoyed the design and execution.  Below are some of our favorites from the shoot. 

Great Lenses: Sony Zeiss Sonnar T FE 55mm 1.8

I have a lineup of what I consider to be Great Lenses.  Lenses that give images that set them apart from similar counterparts.  It’s not my intention to write about lenses and include images and test results.  I’ll let the professional reviewers take care of that.  I am listing lenses that I have personally used that left an indelible impression on me.


There are several lenses in the 50-60mm focal length that I have used over the years, a couple that are among my favorites.  I will get to them here at a later date.  There is no lens however, that I have ever used that is as sharp as this Zeiss 55 1.8.  None.  Not even close.  This lens is so sharp that it is laughable when compared to offerings from Nikon, Canon or Sony.  

When photographer Ronny Robinson brought it to my studio, he said that he thought is was the sharpest lens he had ever used.  I grabbed my camera and did a quick shot using my favorite 50mm autofocus and then his Zeiss 55 1.8.  My lens was faster, but big deal.  How often do we shoot wide open, and never if we are shooting product, or architectural.  I still can’t believe the difference.  I had to agree.  Between Ronny and I we probably have every lens type, brand and focal length you can imagine.  It’s what happens when you shoot for 25plus years.  To me, for now this is the reigning king of sharpness. 



Other things worthy of notice, is the stellar build quality and smoothness of the lens.  Something everyone comes to expect with a Zeiss label on it.  Without question, this is a must have lens.  Everyone should own one of these lenses regardless of what brand camera you shoot. 


Video Production

Something that we have been doing more of over the last several years is video production.  Good video production.  Many don't realize it, but we were involved commercial video production before we began shooting commercial and architectural photography.  The two fields really blend well together in our realm of work as we are already shooting for some of the finest Interior Designers, Builders and Architects in the World.   

It’s really beneficial for our clients to feature videos on their websites.  This not only give the prospective a good look at their portfolios, but also a glimpse of the creative professional’s personality.  It’s a wonderful way to break the ice so to speak.


Video that introduces oneself and their profession can have project features and highlights.  They can be edited down and used in social media such as Instagram, You Tube, Facebook etc.

This is an excellent way to broaden the scope of your advertising reach. 

Our production team is prepared to travel on-site, covering events & projects throughout the country.  The next time you’re looking to have your project photographed, ask us about doing videos whether in studio or on location to include among your marketing arsenal. We would love to work with you.

Below are a few iPhone shots in studio while working with Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors.  

    Team members Mary Beth, Ronny and Marietta in pre-production meeting 

                                          Mary Beth setting a production outline with Marietta

                                             Marietta on-camera shooting a project spotlight video

                                                                    Marietta on-camera waiting for cue