Creative Spotlight: Orren Pickell Builders

We had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful home in the Northwest suburbs for Orren Pickell Builders.

The home is situated on a corner lot in an established neighborhood.  Simple, understated yet comfortable and elegant.  Walking inside, you get a modern, contemporary, European feel to the architecture and design.  


Rooms are open and spacious; hand-milled woodwork and wood flooring  reminds one of a clean Danish/Scandinavian style home.  As with everything Orren Pickell, the finishes and execution are all first rate with no room for improvement.  Upstairs houses a large primary suite with three additional bedrooms.  The lower level is quite large and is the perfect area for gatherings and entertainment.  It also features a large play area for the kids.  


Below are a few of my favorite shots.

Getting the Shot!

Every now and then you find that you need to get into a 80 foot lift to grab just the right elevation shot.

Shooting a remodeled hotel last month near a Chicago airport forbid the use of a high quality drone, so we went one better.  The Construction Super (thank you Nick!) asked if I wanted to go up into the lift to grab a shot.  You bet I do!

Using a high quality DSLR with an architectural lens will give you superior results when compared to using even our best drone.

Below is just one of the views we captured along with my business partner Mary Beths quick iPhone grab shot.