Shot on Film: Longtemps oublie' - (Long forgotten)

Again we visit the abandoned Midwestern Home.  This one in central Illinois.  The structure tells us that the home was built in the mid to late 1800's, sitting on hundreds of acres of prime farmland.  Every time I come across a sad home like this I feel compelled to photograph it.  In this instance, I am glad that I did as it was thoughtlessly destroyed days later to make room for the enormous industrial parks that now covers all the land seen before you in a mass of blacktop and concrete.

So who will remember this humble house?  The generations of children who filled the home with memories, tears and laughter are long gone.  We can look at this image and lose ourselves into a way of life that is passing.  A time when things were simple and a life of hard work rewarding and gratifying.

Photographed in January of 2001 using a minolta XE-7 and a Rokkor 24 mm 2.4 lens wide open on twenty year old Kodak Tri-X film.  Film was scanned full frame using a Minolta DiMage 5400 film scanner.