A Fresh Start

2009… A fresh year, a renewed spirit for us all to do what we love. For some, our work is our passion; hence the reason we are in the creative field. Architects, designers, custom home builders, and interior decorators all feel this inspiration that drives them to continue creating lovely, stunning spaces to live in and admire.

We have heard from many of you and, overwhelmingly, the consensus is a determination to make this year a turning point, an opportunity to catapult our fields of expertise and our businesses into the stratosphere. Most are hard at work freshening up websites, creating new portfolios, contacting publishers and designing mailings to increase their market presence. Since we are privileged to be such an integral part of our clients’ efforts in these areas, we are renewing our commitment to offer excellence in photography so as to capture and document YOUR creative vision for others to see, appreciate, and use as building blocks - a starting point for you to create their dream in their home or corporate environment.

To assist the creative professional in achieving their marketing goals, this month we are offering our most comprehensive architectural photography package at a very special rate for a limited time. It is designed to allow you to obtain stunning photography, a complete portfolio and web images for your marketing needs. It also includes a framed piece of wall art on canvas…..an image of your selection to inspire and beautify your office or studio.

So, keep in touch…. Let us know what we can do to further assist you in reaching your 2009 objectives.

Best to all,
Norman Sizemore, photographic artist
Mary Price, graphic designer