Creative Spotlight: Level Construction

It is unusual for a company in the commercial construction field to find themselves in our Creative Spotlight feature.  But Level Construction is a very unique commercial design/build company.

With corporate facilities in Chicago and Houston, Level Construction is capable of fielding projects all over the United States.  Everything from your local fast food chain, to hotels, restaurants, banking facilities, retail stores and theme parks.  

Traveling statewide to photograph some of Levels projects and working closely with their team members has left me stunned at how well organized and hands on such a large company can be.  Speaking with many of their corporate clients, one understands how important efficiency; time management and coming in on budget can be to make or break a business. Exceling in these areas and coupled with superb business ethics, Level has become the Go-To construction company when quality, budget and time are a major factor.

If you’re looking for a standout commercial construction company, look no further.  Below is just a small sampling of their extensive portfolio.