What's In a Photograph?

Unlike any other medium today, NOTHING is as revealing as a photograph.  Ever since Joseph Nicephore created the first image in France in the early 1820's photography has been the most accurate method of capturing a moment in time.

Think how important that has been to those that have done so… photographs of people and places…how important it is - or should be - to you the creative professional, interior designer, custom home-builder, or architect. 

Even more important than the photograph is the professional who you choose to create it for you.  The image should be stunningly beautiful, yet accurate and involving to the viewer.  You want it to be looked at, studied and admired. It should be something that represents what it is you have worked so hard to design, build or create.  It should not be a ‘snapshot’.

So often is the case that there are those who put 110% of themselves into every nuance of a particular project… then when it comes time to 'capture' what they have worked so hard to produce they cut corners having it photographed.  'Oh, I know someone with a good camera' is the phrase I hear most often.

One becomes a professional in the creative field from a desire and passion to make a statement, taking time and patience to hone their skill, to excel at their craft.  It is even more so with photography.  A skilled photographer must have an in depth knowledge of lighting, composition, and exposure.   Combining these will create YOUR moment in time, an image that will make a prospective client inquire about YOUR services. 

A photograph should:

  • Highlight your wide range of talents
  • Compliment your portfolio
  • Enhance your marketing
  • Not need an apology