New Blog Feature: Creative Spotlight

This morning I am reflecting back on 2009 and looking forward to 2010. I feel different this year, can’t put my finger on ‘why’, but just different. Different in a good way, like everything is new again….

The recent years have been a struggle for many in the creative field. Last year nearly everyone we worked with updated their portfolios, and re-worked their websites. They changed their image, attitude and business, and to great effect.

For us it was a busy year to say the least, and a little unusual in the fact that we worked with more interior designers than architects, builders, artists etc, combined. We now know who has all the fun in our industry, or at least a good share of it!

This group of professionals as a whole impressed us. The consensus was apparent that everyone was working harder, more efficiently and turning out their best work. Some of which has been reflected in the images on our blog and website.

I have found that we in the creative field seem to do more networking than other professionals. Like, "We are all in this together let's make it work." A team effort sort of thing!

So, this year we are going to do something a little different on our blog. We are going to ‘spotlight’ those that we work with - architects, custom home builders, interior designers, artists, etc. along with a photo and a few words.

I know that personally, when I look at the work of other photographers in my field, I am almost always inspired. This is the objective, to be inspired. To look at others work objectively, creatively and positively. To sit back and say "Wow....well done!"

So stay tuned….our first
Creative Spotlight begins February 1st!