Creative Spotlight: Interior Viewpoint

I met Paula a few years ago when we photographed some projects that she had completed in Chicago. I arrived on a crowded street and helped her unload her car so that she could complete staging the home. She greeted me with a wide smile and a huge burst of energy. Often times when I meet a designer, I find that their personality comes across in their designs…this was certainly the case with Paula.

When I walked into any of her projects, I felt like I could move right in. Spaces were beautifully furnished with extremely upscale quality pieces, many of which were antique. Peaceful, comfortable, serene, timeless were thoughts that came to mind as I toured the homes and began thinking of compositions. I listened as Paula described the families’ needs and how she achieved them.

The results were exquisite coordinations of color and functionality throughout. Paula more than met her clients’ expectations; her work, her glowing, positive personality left an indelible impression on me.

Here are just a few samples of Paula’s work. For more information please visit her website. Thank you Paula for being our February Creative Spotlight!