Great Lenses:

I thought I would start doing a series on my favorite lenses, realizing of course that I will be scrutinized the entire way.  We all have our favorites, and many are brand dependent.  We need to face it, there are so many good lenses to choose from.  But here, I want to talk about those that have character, meaning that you can easily pick it out from another brand of the same focal length, speed and type because of its unique palette.  

I personally want my photography to be beautiful.  For me that means that the scene is sharp and looks natural and is always appealing to the eye.  For portrait work, I am not looking for the most accurate color rendition, I am looking for a lens that flatters the subject and plays with the colors and bokeh.  Something timeless.  I find that while many modern lenses are razor sharp and render accurate color, they are also very clinical and cold to me.  


My favorite portrait lens for example, is a war-time era Zeiss Sonar.  It’s simply magic.  I hope to get to all of my favorite lenses over time. So check here over the next few days as we kick off a series on Great Lenses!  Email, and let me know yours and why?  We might just include it.


See you soon,



Creative Spotlight - Level Construction - Boston

Took a quick trip to Boston a couple of weeks ago to shoot commercial/industrial space that has been repurposed by Level Construction Chicago. The work included an extensive upgrade of all the building facilities including the parking lot, curbing and fixtures.  As with everything Level does, the project work was first rate. 

We also had the opportunity to do a 1900’ drone shot to show the scope of the 175,000 square foot warehouse, offices and parking lot.  


If you’re looking for a commercial/industrial builder anywhere in the United States, contact Level Construction.  With offices in Chicago and Houston, they can service any area.  Their project portfolio is extensive. 

Traveling is part of our regular production routine so keep that in mind when you have a long distance project you need photographed.   Below are just a couple of highlights from the shoot.