Creative Spotlight: Holloway Studios

Earlier this year we received a call from Letitia Holloway, artist and interior designer.  Letitia needed a few images of her interior design work.  I met Letitia and her colleague/artist Anthony Dunn at the first location to photograph.  Walking in, I was struck at  how the home had a museum-gallery like appeal.  Everything was minimalist.  Spaces were large and open, never crowded.  Fine furnishings complimented the gallery like atmosphere with well appointed art as its centerpiece.

Walking the project, Letitia and Anthony explained that all the art pieces were either commissioned or restored by their studio.  In fact, creating art is the main focus of Holloway Studios.

Letitia and Anthony collaborate with interior designers who are looking for that special wall art as the final touch to their design.  After seeing the interior space and talking with the client, the team at Holloway will design and create a custom one-off art piece that perfectly compliments the space.  This process not only saves time, it really elevates at lot of stress and frustration for the interior designer.

That being said, interior design work is secondary to Letitia who prefers to create custom art for other interior designers, architects, high-end builders and the discriminate home-owner looking for that perfect canvas.

Below are a few of my favorites from two of Letitia's projects.  In each space, Holloway Studios was responsible for the art, interior design and custom furniture.