Creative Spotlight: Huber Homes

I began my working relationship with Dave Huber approximately eight years ago. I was walking through one of his beautiful homes listening to him describe the construction process to a writer, who was interviewing him for an architectural magazine. Something about Dave’s personality struck me that day. He was easy to listen to, had a very methodical description of his business, and the custom home building process. The manner in which he thought about everything that he was going to knew without question that this man has a PASSION for his work.

Dave said something that day that I think about every time I pull up to one of his homes to photograph them. He smilingly said to the writer, “I hope I won’t have to say too much when it comes time to sell the home, but that the quality of the construction and the detail of the finish will say it all.” Having now photographed several projects for Dave, I can attest to this. He is a master custom home builder, and is as kind and courteous a professional as one could ever want to work with.

It is my pleasure to feature Dave Huber of Huber Homes as our Creative Spotlight this month. To see more of his work, please visit his website here.