Shot on Film: Random....

Many photographers have a section in their blog where they will pull a random picture and post it.  I think that is a great idea.  Since we have a catalog of well over 100,000 images this might be fun.

Today I pulled a random (not really… I actually looked for it) photo of a young boy that I have always liked.  The little guy was part of a wedding that we were photographing and he kept following me around as I was photographing the groomsmen. 

I turned around and he was sitting on my camera flight case.  I just kneeled down to take his photo.  Makes me wonder if he ever became a photographer?

For those who are curious, this was shot with a minolta XE-7 (little ‘m’), using a Rokkor 50mm 1.4 lens on Fuji G-100 film.  Full scan with no retouch or adjustments needed.

I also used a Vivitar 285 on a Vivitar flash bracket, which added just the needed ‘pop’ for the image.

This was kind of fun; might do more than one a week, if time allows.