Shot on Film: Condo Interior - Water Tower Place Chicago

Back in 2005 I was shooting a custom condo in Chicago’s Water Tower Place.  We were setting up several cameras to shoot multiple rooms simultaneously so that we could quickly capture the magnificent cobalt blue sky that we get here during dusk off of Lake Michigan. 

While waiting as the Sun was descending, My business partner Mary Beth fired this exposure using a Minolta XE-7 on 100 speed Fuji Asita color reversal film.  The lens was our favorite Minolta Rokkor 24 f2.8.  We always used that lens for our general interior architectural work.  


This wasn’t the final shot, which we might display at a later date, but it is captivating; watching the descending Sun pour the beautiful hues into the room.  This image was scanned back in 2005 using a Minolta Dimage 5400 dedicated film scanner full frame with no adjustments applied.