Creative Spotlight: Benvenuti and Stein

This month, our Creative Spotlight features Benvenuti and Stein, based in Winnetka, Illinois.  They are a multi-faceted firm known for building fine luxury homes, seamless additions, as well as being highly-skilled artisans of woodwork and cabinetry. The quality found in their work is hard to come by and is some of the finest I've ever encountered.

Geno Benvenuti heads up the company and I have often heard him describe the work that they do as a "labor of love".  Among their many specialties are handmade cabinets and furnishings.  Open any drawer, close any door, run your hand across any finish, and you will feel the impeccable quality and solidity of their work. During a photo shoot I will often have to adjust furniture. I once attempted to move one of Geno's  hand-crafted dining tables.  I couldn't.  It wouldn't budge.  I would guess you would need six men if ever you wanted to relocate it. 

This is the craftsmanship that they are well-known for and is seen in even the smallest details. I have photographed the work of many high-end builders and few would be able to stand in the ranks along side Benvenuti and Stein.

Below are just a few samples in a seemingly endless catalog of superb work.