Creative Spotlight: FBG Corporation

We got a call a couple of years back from Mac at FBG.  They were building a new website and needed a few projects photographed.  


FBG is one of those companies that can build anything from a custom estate to a high security bank.  They really have quite a diverse portfolio.  We spent several weeks photographing historical buildings, restaurants, schools, office buildings and this library in a West Chicago suburb.


The project was a lot of fun for us.  The staff was very kind and cooperative and the project was very contemporary and colorful.  Unique to the design were the many stainless-steel panels and ceiling tiles that made for a lively highly reflective environment.  The students loved it and found it to be a very creative space to work and study. 


If you have a project, commercial or otherwise give Mac at FBG a call.  There really isn’t anything that is out of their scope of expertise.


Below are a few shots from the project.