Shot on Film: Louise Harrison

Back in 2004 we were doing a photo shoot with the Liverpool Legends.  Probably the finest Beatles cover band ever.  Our assignment was to emulate a few of the Beatles famous album covers, which we did to such an effect that Sir Paul McCartney sent a somewhat scathing letter to the band.  Personally as the photographer, I was flattered.   They were too.

The shoot took place at Bruce Starrenburgs Light Box studio in East Dundee.  Bruce would do the film processing while we were shooting.  Not quite as fast as digital, but pretty awesome having film processed while you shoot.

When the band arrived, they brought along their biggest fan. Louise Harrison, George Harrison’s older sister.  The band was awesome to work with.  We enjoyed a day of hard work; laughs and great hospitality from Bruce as Louise kept us entertained with stories of the Beatles early days.

The shot below was made using a minolta XE-7 and a Kamero 100mm 2.8 prime lens on Astia 100F color reversal film.  Studio Lighting was three Photogenic Machine Studio master IIs along with an Impact Luxbank 48” softbox as the main light, a Westcott 24” kick light and a 4” tube hair light. 

This image was scanned using a Minolta Dimage 5400 full frame.  No re-touching.