Shot on Film: Winter Photography

I often find that those desiring architectural photography feel it is necessary to schedule their projects during the summer months in order to obtain the optimum photographic result. This is not always the case.

If a project is completed during the winter months, by all means move ahead with the photography. Interiors are especially beautiful during the winter months. Overcast skies are very much the norm, offering a wonderful, soft diffused light. This light is naturally well-balanced allowing expansive, beautifully lit interior views. If the project is scheduled to be photographed at dusk, the results will be stunning sunsets filling the windows and painting the rooms with a moody, warm inviting light.

Exteriors also have advantages during the winter months. If the property you’re considering photographing has trees in the foreground, the leaves will be down. This provides an opportunity for the photographer to highlight the architecture of the home or commercial building without the obstruction of leaves and the landscaping/trees will provide a beautiful vignette. This is especially inviting during or just after a snowfall, or during sunrises and sunsets where strong shadows can transform the ordinary photograph into a work of art. 

The image below was photographed using a Hasselblad 501C with a Carl Zeiss 80mm lens on Fuji Astia color reversal film.