Creative Spotlight : Expressive Interiors by Marietta Calas

Marietta has been featured before in our Creative Spotlight and more than a few of her out standing projects are found in the galleries of our website.  Pictures are always better when their is a story.  And there is always a story.  

So last year I get a call from Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors.  'Would you mind flying to Florida to shoot a project for me'? Hmm., let me think about that for a nano second. No!  I can't wait!  This one is special exclaims Marietta.  'The condo has such beautiful views and the sunshine just pours into every room'.  Sounds wonderful I thought to myself looking out at my snow filled front yard.

So, we book flights for mid March and we are off for a day of sun-filled architectural photography.  When we arrive, our homeowner host was excited to have us there.  Then she says, 'I can't believe its cloudy outside, it's never cloudy down here, not ever'.  Go figure.  I get one day in Florida and it's overcast.

No matter, the space was beautiful and very well appointed with custom furniture, drapes, carpets, tiles and wall coverings.  Everything you would expect from an exclusive interior designer like Marietta.  Here the transitional setting is elegant, comfortable, and warm.  Below are just a few of my favorite shots from the photo shoot.  Oh and when I left the following day, it was indeed warm and sunny.