Manufacturer Office Build-out:

This project was headed up by Debby Hill, IIDA Director of Design at Key Interiors, LLC.  The custom office build-out included the main floor foyer and reception area, stair case waiting/conference space, loft work stations and offices, dual conference rooms overlooking production, along with and elaborate break room with full amenities.  

Below are a few of our favorites.

High-end Dentist Office - Chicago:

This is the business end of an exclusive high-end dentist office in downtown Chicago.  Such excellent design and detail are normally reserved for the reception area and offices.  This was the first time I had ever seen such fine work in the practice area.  The project design and build-out was by Key Interiors, LLC. And headed up by Senior Designer Dana Tatge.


We will post more from this project soon.

Exclusive High-end Condo:

This Chicago condo was built by MD Builders with interior design by Lauren Coburn.  It’s one of our all-time favorites.  The custom craftsmanship, interior design and details among the finest anywhere in the world.  

'One-off' Chicago Condo:

I love Terri Weinstein’s designs!  Each one is truly a ‘one-off’.  I have shot so many projects for Terri over the years, and her portfolio of work is among the most diverse of anyone I know. You never have to worry about someone saying "Oh, I have one of those too!" Everything about her designs is exclusive to her client. Besides all of that, she is a joy to work with! Here are just a few photos from one of her projects.  Construction and build were handled by Jerry Dardick’s master craftsmen at JMD Builders.

Climb Zone LASER TAG:

Since we’ve been posting some ‘fun’ projects, I thought I would include the LASER TAG room of a Climb Zone that we photographed.  The theme for the room was downtown Chicago.  This too was constructed by LEVEL Construction LLC.  Below are a few favorites.

Urban Air Adventure Park:

This was a fun shoot for us.  It's an Urban Air Adventure Park.  We got in before they opened to get a few shots for LEVEL Construction.  Since clean up and small detail work was still ongoing, we were limited with what we were able to shoot.

A few favorites are below.

Hampton Inn - Northern Illinois:

This is a Hampton Inn we photographed in Northern Illinois.  We’re going to be featuring quite a few Hotels, as they are among our favorite projects to photograph.  I remember shooting this one at dawn following a hard rain.  I was able to get outside and shoot the exterior just before Sunrise, then rush inside to get the interior.   We shot this just before the soft open, and our team was busy moving boxes, and prepping the area’s we needed to photograph.  We had less than three hours before the morning staff arrived.  We got it finished, just in time. 

Just a few highlights below.