Shooting the X-Pot

One of the challenges that come with shooting commercial spaces is getting access.  If it’s an office or department store obtaining access to shoot the job before opening is usually pretty easy.  But when it comes to gaining access to a restaurant, pub or other hospitality locations, it can at times be difficult. 

The end client is eager to open and often they are pressed for time.  Training staff, stocking and cleaning are almost always down to the wire.  This was the case when we were called to photograph the X-Pot restaurant.  Access was very limited and staff hurried to prep and stage for their opening.


When we arrived on-site we were shown what areas would be available for photography.  While limited, we did what we could as the staff were constantly moving about and walking in front of our camera lens.  Additionally, not all of the lights and visual features were able to be lit during the time we were shooting, which meant there would be quite a bit of work during post processing to make the images look their best.  


The project was built by Level Construction in Chicago.  The finished project was outstanding.


Below are a few of our favorites.