Shot on Film: A Bygone Era - St. Louis 1964

This was among a set of slides from the summer of 1964.  This particular family traveled South, then West that year for vacation.  I am certain that this was shot by the young man of the family, using his Argus 35HFM / half frame camera, which he is seen holding in many of the slides. 

I love the way one can flash back in time when you look at an old photograph. Imagine what the onlookers were thinking as the St. Louis Arch was being constructed.  It’s still considered and engineer feat and is truly a national landmark.  If you look closely, you can see a number of spectators in the background.  No one taking selfies, no one texting, and no one on a cell phone. The biggest distraction may have been someone with a transistor radio.  A bygone era indeed.


This image was scanned using a Minolta DiMage 5400.  The color reversal slide film is Kodachrome 64.  Stay tuned for hundreds more that were shot on film, in a bygone era.

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