Random 013 : Walter E. Smithe

Walter E. Smithe  called us December 23rd 2016.  They were needing to book a photoshoot – right away.  Were we available?  For Walter E. Smithe… are you kidding?  Yes!  

The homeowner had used one of Walter E. Smithe’s designers to decorate and refurnished their home.  The look was beautiful and inviting.  We photographed several rooms but when it was time to shoot the dining room, Colleen Smithe-Parker insisted something was missing.  Then she said, ‘I know’, and invited the home owner’s daughter to sit in the scene.  Perfect!


This is my favorite shot from the photo shoot.  For those curious, this was photographed using a SONY 7s at 1/15 of a second f5.6 using a 24mm Carl Zeiss lens.  The lighting is by Photogenic Machine, Studio Master II, through a single Calumet 48” soft-box, mounted high and horizontally then angled down towards the scene.  The flash did not fire and only the modeling lamp was used to add warmth to photograph.

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