Creative Spotlight: Benvenuti & Stein

Having worked with the team at Benvenuti & Stein for over a decade, we have seen them create some of the most stunning spaces we have ever photographed.  As mentioned here in our blog in times past Geno is meticulous and creative.  The photos below are of a mid-century home.  Mid-century homes have a certain charm about them and this character can easily be lost when wanting to update or remodel. 

This doesn’t happen when Benvenuti & Stein are doing the renovation.  I’ve seen them move walls, raise ceilings, lower floors and add space where you didn’t think it was possible.  The beauty is that the finished result seems to be what should have been done in the first place, and the update integrates perfectly with the original architecture.


In these images a second story common bathroom was updated as were the master suite and bath. Looking at them, they appear to be period correct, yet they are modern and functional as they can be. They also added a hallway powder room in a space I don’t think existed before, along with a walk in closet complete with custom cabinetry.   


Below are a few photos from the shoot.


For those curious, all images were photographed using a Sony A850, with a 20mm Minolta and a 24mm Zeiss lens.  The images were processed individually by hand. 

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