Shot on Film: Petit bateau cassé (Broken little boat)

In the spring of 2003, I was in East Texas on the bank of the Lake O’ Pines near my father in laws home when I spotted this neglected little boat that appears to have been abandoned for years.  You can’t see it from this image, but someone had deliberately punctured the hull from inside the boat, ensuring its demise.  And so when the water is low as in this photo the boat is exposed for all to see.  When the spring rains comes it and the lake water levels, it will be submersed.   It is still tied up to this day, spending most of the time under water.

This was shot using a Voightlander Bessa R camera fitted with a wartime era Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 50mm f2 lens using Fuji Astia 100F color reversal film.  The slide was scanned using a Minotla DiMage 5400 film scanner full frame.  No adjustments were made.