Great Cameras: Sony A700

 I often get asked about what gear I use, both in the field and studio.  Many are surprised when they peak into my camera bag and see a Sony A700.

The Sony A700 isn't my primary camera, but I never go to a job without it.  Released in 2007, it  had a jaw dropping 12.1 megapixel crop frame sensor, and all the features that a professional needed.

Nice big bright viewfinder, optional vertical grip, ISO ranges from 100-6400, shutter speeds up to 1/8000sec, Exposure modes included Program, AE/AP/SP/M, multi patterned center weighted metering, super clear bright 3.0in LCD display, 5 fps shooting, video output and USB transfer as well as wireless remote shutter release and a cast body sealed from moisture.  Fully packed for a DSLR from 2007.   How good was the camera?  Outstanding!  Many of our award-winning images have been shot using this camera.  The 12.1 megapixel sensor will give me an image that I can easily output to a 20x30 wall art.

Many don't realize that the Nikon D3 of the same period used the exact same image sensor which was manufactured by SONY.

My A700 pictured here has seen 15 years of hard use.  I have no idea how many images I have shot with it, but it has to be in the high six-figure range.  

Using the A700 is a real joy.  Everything is just where it should be.  Controls and menus are logically laid out.  It feels good and substantial in your hands.  Shutter release is very smooth and quiet.   

 When asked why I still use such an 'old' camera the answer is obvious.  Just look at the images it produces.